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Highway Services

Our fleet of high and medium combination jetting/vacuum units undertake all types of highway drain cleansing. Typically this will be in accordance with a schedule or in response to a specific problem. We are all aware of climate change and have seen first hand the numerous flooding incidents within the UK. It is clear that highway drains and gullys are of much more concern to members of the public than they used to be. With this high profile, we pride ourselves on being capable of delivering a service that can meet these ever changing demands. We pride ourselves not only on our performance but also on the quality of service delivered. This is brought about by our commitment to training and installing a positive attitude into our field based staff.


Safety is of paramount importance as the highway can be a dangerous place to work. Before any operations are performed a risk assessment is conducted and a method statement drawn up. Only when all hazards have been identified and mitigated will the work proceed.


Cost is a key consideration and at ACL we know that we are one of the most commercially attractive in the industry. Having the ability to deal with all wastes we collect, and hoping to have a recyling option in the near future we believe we have a significant edge over our competition.

Highway drainage maintenace

ACL are now providing routine gully cleansing, and emergency drain services, to numerous councils. ACL have a proven track record that has seen the retention of long term contracts and has also assisted in securing additional market share of the UK's cleaning and maintenance programmes.

In addition to these scheduled works we also provide equipment for site investigation, flood alleviation, blockage removal and the routine cleaning of restricted pipe work. Our fleet consists of medium and high volume combination jet vac units, with a host of additional support vehicles. This gives the capability of being able to tackle the various types of drains, Catch Pits, and culverts that are presented. In addition ACL carry location and root cutting equipment, which gives the capability of dealing with a problem at the first, rather than subsequent attendance.

So whether you are the factory manager with a flooded car park, or the highway engineer with miles of surface drain to clean, ACL can provide an immediate solution.

Pipeline Cleaning

ACL are effective in cleaning drainage systems from 4 inches to 4 feet in diameter.

ACL are one of a few contractors who have the ability to clean larger diameter pipelines by the mechanical winching method. This system of cleaning is used when conventional High Pressure Water Jetting loses its efficiency or there are access difficulties. It is a tried and tested method for the removal of large volumes of silt and debris from culverts and larger structures, and is used where man entry is restricted or would be a danger.

CCTV Surveys

ACL employ the latest state of the art CCTV camera technology and software to investigate inaccessible areas. This information is invaluable when identifying the best solution to a problem. You will then be provided with colour footage complete with a report covering the system surveyed.

In addition the vehicles also carry signage, root cutting equipment, CAT and SONDE system and confined space entry equipment.

The CCTV vehicles are available for routine work as well as emergency call outs.

Asset Location

ACL have invested in the latest Global Positioning Systems facilitating us to record the location and condition of highway drainage assets. This information is then imported into a database enabling us to run reports and query data.

Taking into account the system's ability to record silt level and defects for all assets cleansed; the database system becomes a powerful money saving tool, allowing us to cost effectively plan a targeted clean, saving time and money.

These systems are already in place and benefiting clients in several county and borough areas across the UK.