Acidisation Co. Ltd - Chemical Cleaning

Information about our Chemical Cleaning Division.

  • The Chemical Cleaning Division undertakes specialist operations primarily in industry, for the removal of scale deposits. Using specialist equipment and a wealth of knowledge gained over the last 40 years ACL clear blockages, remove deposits, disinfect and treat corrosion. The technicians have worked on many pieces of complex equipment to achieve improved heat transfer on client's heating and cooling systems.

    ACL perform a large number of descales to remove lime scale blockages and deposits. With such current high energy prices it is worth noting that 2mm of calcium carbonate scale provides 14% insulation. So whether the scale be in a boiler or in a cooling system the cost of the wasted energy soon mounts up.

    As experts in waste disposal, ACL will remove any waste generated during the chemical cleaning process and dispose of it both safely and legally.

    On many occasions cleaning has achieved increased production rates and quality of product.

    The build-up of limescale can cost hundreds/thousands of pounds in both downtime and lost efficiency. Typically scale is allowed to build up over a period of time unnoticed until there is a significant failure. Our cleaning programs can often address years of neglect, to return the equipment back to it's original condition.